And The Word Is…


Nature.  Animals. Babies.  Grandparents.  People who keep moving through grief and loss. People who love though their situation seems impossible.  Ingenuity. Talent. Persistence. Dedication. I am in awe of these treasures.  They inspire me to keep trying. Keep working. Keep smiling. Keep living.  Keep the faith.


Learning About Lent

MaryToday we had a great pre-Lenten retreat at church.  I learned so much about icons, the rosary and how art influences our prayer lives.  Can we have too many methods to communicate with our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, our Savior?  I don’t think so.  Imagine being in a room where you’re the only English speaker.  Think you’d wish you’d been more attentive in your Spanish, Portuguese, German – fill in the blank.

So, I’ve learned that Icons are a window to prayer.  I know more about praying my rosary.  I’ve learned about Lectio Divina.  What a wonderful way to pray, meditate and talk to our Creator!

This post is short and sweet but I’m learning I don’t have to birth a novel each time I visit my blog.  I pray that Lent will be a season of prayer and fulfillment for you.  May God bless you abundantly, keep you in spiritual health and grant you the peace and contentment only He can bring.