Pope Francis Believes – Climate Change is Real

Pope Francis

Climate change is more than a platform for politics.  And he’s a really smart guy so why would we not listen to his arguments?  I’m a conservative, not an idiot – the two are not interchangeable, contrary to the opinions of some.  Pope Francis was a chemist at one time and has obviously given great consideration to the issue of climate change.  He has just presented his Encyclical, Laudato Si’ (Praised Be).  In it, he calls on people of the world to ‘acknowledge the cries of our Sister, Mother Earth’.  Peruse his work here.

He’s done his homework and he’s no slouch.  And can we agree the man seems more  genuine than any public figure we’ve witnessed in at least two generations?  No matter what I’ve believed about climate change in the past, his paper is compelling and my gut reaction is to trust him – much more than I do anyone in Washington.

I’m not a subject matter expert on climate change, our role in it, or the predicted impact on future generations, but, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand we need to clean this place up.  Can you tell when your house is dirty?  The landfills are out of control – I shudder to think that disposable diapers and k-cups are the legacy (Washington has taught me to hate that word.) we’ll bestow on future generations.  Have you ever considered concrete?  It’s a curious thing to me how ‘Mother Earth’ supports the mega tons we’ve poured since the Romans introduced their version of it centuries ago, but I can assure you that in quantitative terms, there’s a butt load of it from sea to shining sea.

The very air surrounding us has to be monitored to determine how safe it is for us to breathe.  Does that give you pause?  You’re not stupid.  Do you think Adam and Eve ran out in the mornings to check a bunch of gauges and samples to learn whether or not they were required to ‘shelter in place’ on any given day?  They did not!  So, it stands to reason, SOMETHING is changing.  Climate change?  I can’t disprove it, but I’ll bet there are people who think they can.  They’ll be writing papers to refute any and all claims to the contrary, rest assured.

The contributors to air pollution are many and I have no doubt the stacks along the Gulf Coast add their share, but assigning blame will not repair the damage.  (Sorry, my oil and gas friends, I really do love you all, but he’s the Pope.  And his data is quite convincing.  And as I’ve stated before I’m not an idiot.)

Do we even want to talk about the ocean?  Saints preserve us, walk Galveston’s beaches or perhaps you’re on the other side of ‘Mother Earth’?  You think you have no dog in this fight?  Stroll the sandy shores in Pinetamare, a little seaside village outside of Naples, Italy.  Oh, and wear shoes cause those syringes are real, as are the condoms and other assorted hazardous waste products on display.

Severe smog and air pollution in Beijing

The world is a dangerous place, my friends.  God appointed us as His stewards, caretakers of this, His creation, yet we have made it a repository of filth.  You may be thinking these 600+ words really don’t speak to climate change that much.  You’re right.  Don’t you love to be right?  But being right won’t clean this mess up.  We can choose to look away from the elephant in the room but we’ll still have filthy air and water and soil.    And it will keep piling up – literally – and future generations will sing our praises because we decided to let them take out the trash.  It is a not a situation to be ignored and it’s frightening.  But take heart and have hope.  Our global population is growing exponentially and I’m sure your mother taught you that many hands make light work.

May God’s will be done and His peace be always with you.

Passion Flower
Passion Flower

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