The World Is My Oyster

Today I’m looking for pearls.  Not the fresh water, cultured or Mabe variety.  I’m not that crazy about shellfish but if that’s the only way to obtain the pearls, then let’s get to it!

Pearls of wisdom…wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could find them in an oyster.  Some days I’d be willing to dig through some pretty bad trash if I knew I’d find a few pearls.  Ah, well, it’s just not that easy.  Or is it?  When was the last time you spoke to your grandparents, if you’re lucky enough to still have the darlings around?  They’ve forgotten more than we know.

Grandmother (my spouse’s Grandmother) used to tell me about her family coming to this country  (She meant southern Arkansas) from Kentucky in a covered wagon.  They logged, planted, laid railroad ties, raised livestock, made quilts – these were people who knew the meaning of hard work.  They were too tired for mischief at the end of the day.  Grandmother married at 14 and by the time she was 32 she was a widow with 8 children.  In 1950 the opportunities for women were scarce.  Grandmother became a migrant farm worker.  She and her children traveled via pick up truck from Florida to Michigan following crops and harvesting along the way.   She put all 8 kids through school this way!  When her children were grown she remarried and enjoyed several years with Grandpa Mac.  She bequeathed many pearls of wisdom – work like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t; handle your responsibilities with determination; life has a way of teaching humility – learn it quickly with grace and humor.  Continue reading “The World Is My Oyster”


Congratulations – you’ve just married the military


You know, after that terribly long column enumerating traits of a military spouse, I started thinking about the next hurdle.  Did I give you enough information to move forward?  Are you ready to take your place next to your block leader and dive right in to company politics?  I’m going to suppose you’ve weighed your options, spent serious time in contemplation and determined the wedding’s still on, so give yourself a moment to smile, take a deep breath and move forward.  You’ve got work to do – literally.

If you’re like most military spouses, the wedding will put stars in your eyes (it’s the uniforms) and a few days later, you’ll find yourself waking up in WWII era housing wondering what happened to room service.  You’re going to spend a fortune trying to make a home of those four dilapidated walls so there’s only one thing to do – go job hunting.  And  I pray you’ll enjoy it because you’ll do it over and over and over and over – each time you transfer.  Don’t fret.  You’ll get good at it.  Keep your resume updated and sally forth! Continue reading “Congratulations – you’ve just married the military”

10 Traits of a Happy Military Spouse

Available from LodgeChic on Etsy.
Available from LodgeChic on Etsy.

Since I’m asking that you trust the information I provide for you, it’s only proper that I disclose my credentials and qualifications.  I don’t want you to doubt my experience.

I lived 20 years as a Navy wife and, later, 10 years as an Army Mom.  I raised 2 children during my husband’s military career, frequently as a single parent.  No matter the circumstances, that’s how it feels.  I went to school parties, band concerts, and cheer competitions alone.  I watched softball, football, soccer and wrestling much of the time alone. That’s not so bad when you’re overseas.  All you have to do is look at the crowd and you’ll notice that most of the audience are moms alone.

In Cuba, lizards fell on me in the shower, caterpillars blew in through my air conditioning vents and tanks drove quietly into our neighborhood while staging mock war games.  I’ve been stung by a scorpion, hit with a softball, bitten by a dog and a goose, and I was reduced to tears when my children were bullied after a move to a new school where most of the kids were not ‘military brats’. But wait! There’s more!