My art is taking over my life

Art Journal
Art Journal

Hi.  I’m Nancy and I have an art problem.  This is a very serious matter.  My craft room/office looks like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s battled for supremacy, both lost and exploded within this 11X12 space.  My fabric fills 9 large Rubbermaid containers stacked in corners around the room..  That’s not counting lace, buttons, bias tape and other assorted sundries.  These items require 2 more bins.  I need to organize so I can get to my sewing machine.

What about mixed media – tell me how you love it!   So many varieties of clay, paper, ribbon, pastels, water colors, charms, beads, journals, pencils, pens, markers, felt, alcohol ink, canvas100_0180-1, …do you have a mental picture yet?

And of course my blog requires my desk, computer,   printer, lamp, assorted desk accessories, books (to help with blog traffic, dont cha know) and  did I mention I make beads and jewelry?  Wirewrapping?  Scrapbooking?  Metal work?  Yeah.  I never saw a craft I didn’t like.

I suppose I’m something of a pack rat.  Or maybe kind of like Art Journala crow.  You know how crows love shiny, sparkly objects?  My daughter came to visit a few weeks ago and asked that I please clean it up before I die.  Such a sweet child.  I was shocked she wouldn’t be over-the-top thrilled at the prospect of inheriting my treasures. I thought I knew her..

My husband asked that I keep a path cleared for escape during emergencies and close the door in the event of guests.  Neanderthals.  No appreciation for art.  My son did say he’d like to have my dapping set, drill, saws and files.  He knows good stuff when he sees it!

Art Journal
Art Journal


8 thoughts on “My art is taking over my life”

  1. Wow! I’m the least crafty person I know but even I can admire your cleverness and I think the “clutter” would be par for the course because you use so many interesting things. I’m with your husband – close the door and keep your Aladdin’s cave as a secret refuge!

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