And The Word Is…


Hollow, used up. Unfulfilled. Devoid of life, joy, hope. Empty cookie jars, empty bank accounts and wallets. Vacant houses, vacant positions.  Visit the nearest mall and you’ll encounter vacant expressions, sightless eyes, mindless activity. We sometimes find ourselves without direction, purpose or goals.  There’s a remedy.  Introspection, soul searching, meditation. Be still. Watch and listen.   Allow time to pass you instead of just passing time. It’s a dangerous world, my friends and effort is required. Don’t lose your way.  And you might think about taking the hand of the person next to you.



Author: Mom Sees All

Mom sees all. Certainly more than I'd like to. But I'm more than a Mom. I'm a Christian - don't leave yet - a wife, a daughter, a sister, a homemaker, a voter. It's really that last hat that should give you pause. I have opinions. I have a brain. I have a voice. I have a vote. So do you. I'm trying to be the person God wants me to be - along the way, I'll sell real estate.

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