What a world, what a world!

Poison_Ivy_in_Perrot_State_ParkWhile viewing a lovely rose this afternoon in the backyard I came across this virulent species documented at your left.  This innocuous seeming plant is not desirable for your garden!  It’s a part of our dangerous world.  For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have avoided this greenery in your lifetimes, this is POISON IVY.  Contact with said plant in any fashion results in an oozing, itching, miserable rash followed by an immediate trip to a medical practitioner for a shot and then seven days of steroids taken orally thereafter.  If fortune is smiling benevolently upon the afflicted person, the rash will then be reduced to a minor annoyance.  That rarely happens in our family.  No less than THREE medical appointments are usually required to rid said afflicted person of this heinous evil (note the photo to your right).  Now, there are those among us who seem to be immune to the hazards of this diabolical creation.  Once these persons are identified in your household, all gardening, yard work and, of course, poison ivy removal becomes the responsibility of that hapless soul.  There are no exceptions to this mandate.                                  .sub-cindymatchette-2-rash


Author: Mom Sees All

Mom sees all. Certainly more than I'd like to. But I'm more than a Mom. I'm a Christian - don't leave yet - a wife, a daughter, a sister, a homemaker, a voter. It's really that last hat that should give you pause. I have opinions. I have a brain. I have a voice. I have a vote. So do you. I'm trying to be the person God wants me to be - along the way, I'll sell real estate.

So? What do you think?

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